Loved – This is something that I really, really enjoyed and would hope that you might check out as well.  This will be something that I think you should purchase or go see at the movie theater (if it isn’t something available for free).

Liked – This is something I enjoyed and think you might want to check out as well. You might want to purchase it.

Good – This is something I enjoyed and think you might want to [rent instead of see in theater, check out at the library, borrow], but you probably don’t want to purchase it.

Meh – This is something that I am indifferent to – I wasn’t really something I loved, and it isn’t really something that sucks ass.  Don’t purchase.

Sucks ass – I pretty much hated this.  DON’T PURCHASE.  As a matter of fact, run away from this item.

NOTE:  I hate writing reviews.  I blogged about books for 3 years and got so burned out.  From time to time, I can turn out a decent review.  I really have enjoyed reading and just giving books “stars” on Goodreads.  So my reviews may not be flowery and pretty is what I’m saying (not anymore, anyway).

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Sometimes I receive ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of books for review.  I do NOT charge for reviews, nor do I receive any favors in exchange for my reviews.  Other times I purchase books or check them out at my local library.  I am an affiliate with iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords and receive commissions if an item is purchased using one of my links for these retailers.