Let’s talk binge-worthy TV (Part 1)

We have entered the age where there is finally so much choice as far as what to watch, and how to watch, that it is impossible to watch everything that is worth your time. Did we think this day would every actually arrive?

At any rate, because I’m feeling a little bored, I thought I would discuss some of the shows that I have binged watched — on any and all media available. I’m finding that there are some shows that I am awaiting the ending of before I watch because sometimes, the waiting NINE MONTHS between seasons can be excruciating. Not all of what I am recommending is complete though, because sometimes, I just can’t wait for a series to be done. Let’s start with (for part 1):

Netflix (part 1)
I’m going to be all over the place with this list; meaning I’m not going to put genres together. Good entertainment is good entertainment, no matter what you’re into, right?

Top, L-R: Person of Interest, Raising Hope, Penny Dreadful. Bottom, L-R: Broadchurch, The Walking Dead, The Killing.
  1. Person of Interest (complete series available; CBS 2011–2016.) This show is about an AI that determined that the lives of those people that a government who might want to control the machine might consider unimportant. While there are people they assist in each episode, the show does move into the aspect of who and how the AI should be controlled. I think this is one of the best shows that has been on in recent years. One particular episode in which one AI, speaking through a child to another AI, speaking through an adult woman? Chilling. Enthralling. This is a must watch.
  2. Raising Hope (complete series, NBC, 2010–2014.) This is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. Jimmy, young adult son of Virginia and Burt (who had him when they were 16), goes out for an evening and brings a girl home. They wake up the next morning and as the young lady goes to the bathroom, the family sees that she is a wanted murderer on TV. She goes to jail where she is sentenced to death, but not before giving birth to her and Jimmy’s daughter, Hope. Jimmy and Hope of course live with his parents who aren’t too enthused initially. Oh, and did I mention that they live in Virginia’s mamaw’s house? Mamaw who is not all there and only has a few lucid moments and thinks from time to time that Jimmy is her deceased husband? THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS. Watch it! A great ensemble cast playing funny, quirky characters.
  3. Penny Dreadful (complete series, SHO, 2014–2016.) This show was inspired by the serial novels that came out weekly, costing a penny each, in the late 1800s. The series is set during this time, and the characters are not what they seem. Vampires, werewolves, witches and hunters of each abound. I’m a lover of a good show (or movie) that is different and/or that can scare me. Plus, this series worked in that you had characters you definitely became attached to, while others were vile and you loved to hate them.
  4. Broadchurch (series is complete after 3 seasons; only 2 currently on Netflix; ITV in UK and BBC America in US. 2014–2017.) The first 2 seasons deal with a death in the small town, and the arrival of DI Alec Hardy who wins a promotion over DS Ellie Miller. This is a murder mystery that keeps you hooked from the minute you start watching. Plus: David Tennant is in it, and I believe the man can do no wrong whatever he is in. The chemistry between he and Olivia Coleman is great. Great drama and their relationship has some humor as well.
  5. The Walking Dead (incomplete; episodes still air on AMC. Premiered 2010.) I don’t care if you are into the “zombie thing” or not. This show, while having zombies, is basically a dystopian series that is about what happens within a society when everything breaks down: no government, no law enforcement, no electricity — life that we cannot imagine. It’s an examination of what you have to do to survive. No character is safe in this show which is how it should be. This is actually one of the few shows I watch on its normal viewing day and time.
  6. The Killing (complete series, AMC & Netflix, 2011–2014.) Another great crime drama with a female taking the lead role in this one. She has a bit of a dark past, and puts in a bit too much time at work. She does have a male partner who is a bit more upbeat. Another show where the chemistry between the main characters, played by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, keeps you watching as well as the crimes they are working to solve.

That’s what I have for now; but I still have others I want to talk about and will publish another post. There’s more on Netflix. There’s more on Amazon Prime. Hulu. What an age to live in where there is so much good to choose from for entertainment!

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